2018 Course Dates
What does the certification course include?

The course includes a copy of the NFSTP Workbook, administration of the NFSTP exam, as well as a 5 year certification wallet card for participants who successfully complete the course and receive a passing mark of 70% or greater on the required exam.

Registration closes 1 week prior to each course date. Delivery of the NFSTP workbook can be arranged prior to the class date.

To register for the next available training session contact:

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Phone: 403-220-0121 Cell: 403-850-5516
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Certified Professional - Food Safety
Nutrition Manager, Food Safety Trainier
Phone: 403-220-0121 Cell: 403-850-5516

Cheryl Wyatt, CP-FS

Saturday, March 24 / Tuesday, March 27
Tuesday, April 17 / Saturday, April 21
Tuesday, May 15 / Saturday, May 19
Tuesday, June 19 / Saturday, June 23
Tuesday, August 14 / Saturday, August 18

*All sessions are from 8:30am to 5:30pm

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