Trainer Profile

Cheryl is a Food Service Manager with a variety of experiences in the Food Service Industry. The majority of her time has been spent in the healthcare industry with intervals in hotel, restaurant, and educational institutions.

Cheryl is a Certified Professional of Food Safety from the National Environmental Health Association, a Food Safety Market Certified Trainer (Managing Food D Master Trainer who facilitatates Food Safety Workshops and NFSTP Train the Trainer workshops.

Cheryl's background includes a diploma in Food and Nutrition Management from S.A.I.T. Polytechnic and a certificate in Adult Education from Mount Royal University. She is also a Red Seal Journeyman Cook, a third party Food Safety Auditior, as well as a GFSI Auditor for large international organisations.

In 2007, Cheryl saw a need for additional delivery options for food safety training and started Serve It Safe Food Consulting. Balancing her workshop facilitation with her jobs, she also provides Food Safety Training and support to food establishment operators and owners.

Cheryl has assisted in the design and start up of three healthcare Food Service departments in Alberta and has "hands on" kitchen experience developing health and safety auditing tools, quality assurance monitoring tools and standardized recipes.

Cheryl, CP-FS Certified Professional - Food Safety Nutrition Manager, Food Safety Trainier

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